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Image by Jackson Hendry


Want to know what we have in store for our event?

Well You've Come to the Right Place!

Charcuterie Board and Cocktail

The evening begins, as every amazing evening should, with sumptuous food and drink.  Let the incredible Executive Chef Jesse Belle of Prohibition Public House teach you the art of creating a heavenly charcuterie board and cosmic cocktail.  He will show you how to pair the perfect ingredients required to create a sublime, sweet, savoury flavour experience. 

Wine and Cheese




Elevated Face Painting

For this artistic endeavour our brilliant makeup artist Taylor will lead you through the process of painting a breath-taking celestial scene on your face, or that of a friend.  This is neither your typical face paint nor makeup, but more elevated experience.  Each face is unique, so you can really make this art your own.  


Chakra Painting 

The evening continues with our inspirational wellness artist will guide us in quieting our minds in a Third Eye Chakra meditation where we will journey through the stars into a place of well-being. Upon opening your eyes, you will capture the ethereal vision of the mind and set it on paper or canvas with your favorite artistic media.

Painting Pottery


Ceramic Painting 

Lastly, our incredibly talented canvas and ceramics painting artist will guide you in painting an out of this world starry night sky onto a mug or other ceramic object of your choice. You will turn an everyday item into a special piece for you to enjoy as you contemplate the mysteries of the sky.

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