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Night Sky with Stars

About the Event 

Art Under The Stars

Throughout the existence of the ever-expanding Universe a breathtaking number of stars have been born and died. Their slow burning lives of heat and light end in collapse or in supernovas of spectacular light and colors of which the human eye can only partially perceive. These stunning explosions scatter star matter across the heavens that is reborn into new stars, planets, and all life on earth. We are literally made of Stardust.

Join us on March 26th, 2022, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM for a virtual fundraising event where we will explore the creation of unconventional art forms using the night sky and our connection to it as our muse.

The evening begins with our highly creative chef demonstrating how to design a heavenly charcuterie board and cosmic mocktail for your enjoyment. Indulge in your delectable creations as you paint the evening away.

Together we will depict the star stuff that resides within us onto the surface of our skin. Our gifted, expert make-up artist will show you how to paint a splendid celestial scene on your face, the face of a friend, or on a make-up design template.

Our inspirational wellness artist will guide us in quieting our minds in a Third Eye Chakra meditation where we will journey through the stars into a place of well-being. Upon opening your eyes, you will capture the ethereal vision of the mind and set it on paper or canvas with your favorite artistic media.

Our incredibly talented canvas and ceramics painting artist will guide you in painting an out of this world starry night sky onto a mug or other ceramic object of your choice. You will turn an everyday item into a special piece for you to enjoy as you contemplate the mysteries of the sky.

Tickets are at no charge, but donations are welcome.


Disclaimer: If you decide to make the alcohol cocktail please drink responsibly and under no circumstances drink and drive. When the “packing list” is released, please acquire these materials in a way that adheres to local provincial Covid-19 guidelines. 

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