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Where does the money go? 


The money that we raise at our event will be used for the families that have children who suffer from cancer. Although treatment is covered, there are many things that are not covered by insurance to take into account which includes, parking, gas money, income and even groceries. Many families have to leave their job to take care of their child but that leaves the family with less income. Our money will support paying for parking at Cheo and gas money. Most families have to go everyday and these things can get very expensive. Our money will also go towards financial support so the families can continue to buy groceries, pay for mortgages and bills such as hydro. Many of these payments people do not account for.

For More Information on the  CandleLighters Please Click Below!

Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre

The money we raise for the Dave Smith Centre will be mostly used to build a new center for those who are fighting addiction. Some of the money will also be used for day to day finances and marketing but mostly for the center. The needs for the Dave Smith Centre are very high but the public awareness for these needs are very low. This money will help those fighting addiction and contribute to making their life better. We are thankful to be getting a chance to help them.

For More Information on the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre Please Click Below!

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