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Shooting Star

About The Event

Art Under The Stars


Cassiopeia A Cas A Supernova Remnant

Throughout the existence of our ever-expanding Universe a breathtaking number of stars have been born and died.  Their slow burning lives of heat and light end in collapse or in supernovas of spectacular light and colors of which the human eye can only partially perceive.  These stunning explosions scatter star matter across the heavens that are reborn into new stars, planets, and all life on earth.  We are literally made of Stardust.  The Universe lives within us and us in it. 

Join us on March 26th, 2022, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM for a virtual fundraising event where we will explore the creation of unconventional art forms as we contemplate our inexplicable connection to the Universe and all it holds.

The evening begins with our Chef demonstrating how to create a spectacular charcuterie board and drinks with the night sky as his muse.

Together we will depict the star stuff that resides within us onto the surface of our skin.  Our expert make-up artist will show you how to paint a celestial scene on your face with space for embellishment and personalization. 

It takes unfathomable numbers of stars to create the compelling beauty that is the night sky.  Just as each tiny star contributes to a dazzling whole, many tiny dots of paint can be used to create a masterpiece on canvas.  Our accomplished pointillism artist will show you how to take single dots of paint and apply them in color patterns that reveal a portrayal of a starry sky in all its splendor.


Our talented glass painting artist will help you continue your creative journey through the cosmos as she shows you how to paint their ethereal beauty onto wineglasses.  You will turn an everyday item into a special piece for you to enjoy as you stare up into the heavens and contemplate the miracle of how they came to be and whether we are alone in a Universe that can never be fully seen.


Disclaimer: If you decide to make the alcohol cocktail please drink responsibly and under no circumstances drink and drive. When the “packing list” is released, please acquire these materials in a way that adheres to local provincial Covid-19 guidelines. 

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